Do you have a beautiful child? Enter the Child Beauty Queenz Competition!
Child Beauty Queenz is a free photo contest. Enter and hope to win! Go to about for information.

We are starting a very exciting new contest called Miss USA of Child Beauty Queenz Photo Contest. Any age is available and to participate you must post a photo on our wall ( and state your name, age and state. We will categorize participants by state and judge a winner from each state. We will then move to regions-Northern USA, etc. until we have one winner! Enter your photo by December 21, 2011.

Congratulations to our America's Next Little Beauty Queen winner; Bryanna! Bryanna is 7 years old and you can view her photo above. Our runner up is Alisha, and other contestants included Leticia, Jazmine, Detra Dor, Tinisha, Samantha, Abigail, Kristen & Katelynn.

Our top 2 for America's Next Little Beauty Queen are Alisha and Bryanna! Their photos are above, voting will start soon. Wish them luck!

Our Miss Summer winner is Valya! Congratulations Valya! Our runner up was Caydence, followed by Breanna (1st runner-up Miss Spring) our beauty supreme winner was Madison and our honorable mentions are Elena and Lillie!

We are currently in the process of a new contest-America's Next Little Beauty Queen. Like a variation of America's Next Top Model, every few days the contestants are required to submit a certain picture and one is eliminated until only one is left. The top 5 still in the runnings are: Bryanna, Jazmyne, Alisha, Kristen and Samantha.

We have just finished and judged our Miss Spring photo contest! After reviewing many beautiful entries, we finally have our winner, 6 year old Jocelyn. Congratulations Jocelyn, you are Miss Spring 2011! Runner Up was Breanna, and others who placed were Kaitlyn, Ruby Adamson, Jazmyne, Maliyah and Natalie.

Exciting News-Taralyn Eschberger, a widely known child beauty queen, was the winner of our beach contest! You can view her picture in the "winners" page. Go Taralyn!

Brooklyn Bass was voted "Best Hair" on Toddlers and Tiaras on our facebook page. Congrats Brooklyn!